Consider Yourself Lucky

Have you ever had a day where you felt burned out, exhausted and drained? If so, don’t think for a second that your alone.

Sad-Girl-AloneEveryone is living in the same planet you’re living at, breathing the same air you’re breathing, and drinking the same water(theirs might be distilled though) but all the same core.


A little bit of pain + spoonful of problems +  1 cup of mystery= That is our Life equation. Everyone experienced that one day in their life that “you just want to curl up and die peacefully”.

I myself get that same feeling for more than one day. Let me enlighten you with my life and how I came up with this thought.

My mother is a cancer survivor. She overcame a Malignant Tumor in her brain (gross?! Nah, not really). I don’t regret having a mother like her, not once have I wished to replace her if I was given a chance. She’s my mentor, motivator, no. 1 critic and fan.

She’s as normal as any mother could have been. But last early month of 2015 she had a minor stroke and because of this she became more in need with our help and assistance (taking shower,eating, sitting and walking). Day after day her condition worsened, until one day she can no longer walk alone. Then she can no longer stand alone. Then one day she can no longer take a shower alone. Then one day she can no longer go to the bathroom alone. One day after another it became worst than before.

Another day came for me to buy her needs (diaper, milk etc.,)  and as I was buying I started to ask myself these questions: “What did I do to deserve this life?After 6 long years of working, “How did I end up with no savings for myself?”

I then compared my life with others, how successful they became. As I was thinking, I saw an aged beggar having difficulty walking and she was even crying… it suddenly hit me, each person has their own problems and no one has a perfect life.

Anyone can get material things that can only satisfy their worldly needs, but only few can truly be satisfied. And if you think you own every problem in the world, think again. You may not know but everyone you meet is FIGHTING their own battle, even greater battles than yours.


I learned my lesson, I am a worrier(most of us are) and that made me forget the beauty of life.

I forgot to be thankful, for all the blessings He gave me.

I forgot to see each day as a miracle, how I am still able to wake up and see through my eyes. I forgot how to live.

Don’t forget how to live.

Money, fame, gadgets, riches. . it’s all temporary. Problems can be solved. Stop worrying and begin to thank God.

Live to Eat